Working from the values of collaboration, respect, and compassion, I help my clients

  • solve or better manage their problems
  • develop their opportunities
  • heal from emotional wounds
  • develop a stronger, more integrated sense of self
  • develop a greater sense of purpose and agency
  • strengthen their primary relationships, making them more secure
  • and create more meaningful, engaged, and vital lives.

When working with individual clients, I use an integrative, empirically informed, three-stage model of therapy:

Exploration. In this stage, clients explore their thoughts and feelings about their most important concerns.

Insight. In this stage, clients develop a new awareness of their experience, a deeper understanding of themselves, and a more helpful perspective on their concerns.

Action. In this stage, clients consider acting on their new understandings, exploring the changes they might want to make and developing focus, commitment, and courage.

When working with couples, I use Emotionally Focused Couple Therapy (EFT). EFT is an integrative, empirically validated therapy that helps couples transform distressed relationships marked by fear, anger, and hurt into secure relationships marked by emotional accessibility, responsiveness, and engagement.